09 January 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside....

Wow, we are still in a deep freeze; but there is hope on the horizon! It's supposed to warm up to the 20's on Sunday, a virtual heat-wave. If you are experiencing the same in your area, be sure and bundle up to avoid frostbite...or worse....hypothermia.

Those with a low base body temperature, from hypothyroidism or other medical condition will definately need to be extra careful when going out into the elements or if your home is colder than usual. Be sure and dress in layers, cover your head and feet, and keep an eye on your body temperature.

If you are overly tired, suffering from confusion, shaking, tingling toes and fingers, get medical assistance as soon as possible to avoid the damaging effects of hypothermia.

Also, be sure to stay well-nourished and hydrated during this cold snap, so your body can function at its optimal level. Be sure and take your supplements, maintain your clean eating lifestyle to keep your immune system running at its best.

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