22 July 2009

Keeping A Positive Focus

Have you ever let life take your focus off of your goals? That's what I have done over the past few weeks. I'm not very pleased with myself, I'm usually a very positive and focused individual. But, I let some situations get me down and I took my eyes of off my goals & dreams.

I started thinking negative thoughts, eating junk food, not exercising, etc. Now, I have to pay the consequences for my actions with lost time, weight gained, loss of muscle tone and correcting bad eating habits.

So now the hard work begins! Regain control!!! Press forward toward those things that are important in my life. I've clean out the pantry and fridge of all junk foods, written a list of clean eating foods to purchase, set-up a new workout schedule, re-evaluated my goals for my relationships - God, family, friends, business; reset bounderies that have been overstepped, and most of all put my trust in God to help me through each situation in my life and not let the challenge determine my attitude.

I challenge all of you to reaffirm those goals and dreams that you have let slip past you. Keep a positive attitude toward life, don't let the situations get you down and press forward toward the prize!